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M Hildred Bigwood

M Hildred Bigwood

map of herbarium specimens attributed to M Hildred Bigwood.
name:Miss M Hildred Bigwood
notes:A technician in
charge of the Aberystwyth herbarium until her retirement in 1992. She amassed a substantial personal herbarium collection.
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VC1, VC2, VC3
VC25, VC26, VC28
VC7, VC9, VC11, VC34
VC36, VC37, VC39, VC40, VC41, VC42, VC43, VC44, VC45, VC46, VC47, VC48, VC49, VC50, VC52
VC54, VC60, VC61, VC64, VC66
VC72, VC73, VC74
VC87, VC88, VC89, VC91, VC92, VC94, VC95, VC96, VC97, VC98, VC105
VC107, VC108

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