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George Taylor

George Taylor

map of herbarium specimens attributed to George Taylor.
name:George Taylor

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The British Museum
British Museum (Natural History)



VC14, VC16, VC17, VC20, VC21, VC22
VC6, VC7, VC8, VC9, VC11, VC34, VC36
VC27, VC28, VC31, VC38, VC53, VC54, VC55, VC56
VC58, VC59, VC61, VC62, VC63, VC64, VC65, VC66, VC67
VC72, VC73, VC74, VC75, VC77, VC78, VC79, VC80, VC81, VC82, VC83, VC85, VC87, VC88
VC90, VC91, VC92, VC95
VC101, VC102
VC108, VC110

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