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John Norton Mills

John Norton Mills

map of herbarium specimens attributed to John Norton Mills.
name:Prof John Norton Mills
notes:Professor John Norton Mills MA MSc DM MD
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isni0000 0001 1937 6268



VC1, VC2, VC3, VC4
VC15, VC18, VC19, VC25, VC26, VC27, VC28, VC29, VC30, VC31
VC7, VC11, VC12, VC13, VC17, VC22, VC23, VC24, VC33, VC34, VC37, VC38
VC6, VC41, VC42, VC43, VC45
VC48, VC49, VC52
VC39, VC53, VC56, VC57, VC58, VC59, VC60, VC62, VC63, VC64, VC65, VC66, VC69, VC70
VC98, VC100
VC87, VC88, VC89, VC90, VC91, VC92, VC95, VC96, VC97, VC104, VC105, VC106, VC107, VC108, VC109

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