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Derek Almey Ratcliffe (9/7/1929 - 23/5/2005)

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Search results, herbarium specimens collected by Derek Almey Ratcliffe
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infoCarex capillarisGB, VC72 Dumfriesshire, Midlaw BurnDerek Almey Ratcliffe7/8/1952E
infoCarex capillarisGB, VC72 Dumfriesshire, Moffat WaterDerek Almey RatcliffeNature Conservancy Council7/8/1952E
infoCarex lachenaliiGB, VC92 South Aberdeenshire, LochnagarDerek Almey Ratcliffe1/9/1956E
infoCarex lachenaliiGB, VC96 East Inverness-shire, Braeriach [Braigh Riabhach]Derek Almey Ratcliffe1/8/1958E
infoCarex laevigataGB, VC70 Cumberland, RattlingateDerek Almey RatcliffeNature Conservancy Council6/1954E
infoCarex otrubaeGB, VC70 Cumberland, BeaumontDerek Almey RatcliffeNature Conservancy Council6/1954E
infoCarex pendulaGB, VC103 Mid Ebudes, Carsaig BayDerek Almey Ratcliffe12/7/1961E
infoCarex pullaGB, VC97 West Inverness-shire, Ben AlderDerek Almey Ratcliffe3/8/1957E
infoCarex pullaGB, VC97 West Inverness-shire, Creag MeagaidhDerek Almey Ratcliffe8/1957E
infoCarex vaginataGB, VC72 Dumfriesshire, Black HopeDerek Almey Ratcliffe6/7/1956E
infoCarex vaginataGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, Ben ChonzieDerek Almey RatcliffeNature Conservancy Council2/7/1961E
infoLycopodium annotinumGB, VC70 Cumberland, Bow FellD Walker
Derek Almey Ratcliffe
infoLycopodium clavatumGB, VC70 Cumberland, Carrock FellDerek Almey Ratcliffe15/7/1961CLE
infoPotamogeton gramineusGB, VC110 Outer Hebrides, Loch DruidibegDerek Almey RatcliffeNature Conservancy Council6/1960E
infoSalix lanataGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, Meal na SamhnaDerek Almey Ratcliffe6/1958E
infoSalix lanataGB, VC90 Angus, ClovaDerek Almey Ratcliffe9/1957E
infoSalix lanataGB, VC90 Angus, Glen ClovaDerek Almey RatcliffeNature Conservancy Council9/1957E
infoSelaginella selaginoidesGB, VC70 Cumberland, GeltsdaleDerek Almey Ratcliffe10/5/1954CLE

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