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Florida Agricultural Experiment Station

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Search results, herbarium specimens collected by Florida Agricultural Experiment Station
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infoAcalypha setosaUS, FL, Alachua County, GainesvilleMorton BortellFlorida Agricultural Experiment Station30/8/1978FSU
infoChamaesyce blodgettiiUS, FL, Monroe County, PinecrestDerek BurchFlorida Agricultural Experiment Station13/8/1963FSU
infoChamaesyce bombensisUS, FL, Miami-Dade County, Key BiscayneDerek BurchFlorida Agricultural Experiment Station31/12/1963FSU
infoChamaesyce hypericifoliaUS, FL, Miami-Dade County, Fairchild Tropical GardenDerek BurchFlorida Agricultural Experiment Station31/12/1962FSU
infoChamaesyce hyssopifoliaUS, FL, St. Lucie County, Fort PierceDerek BurchFlorida Agricultural Experiment Station7/8/1963FSU
infoChamaesyce maculataUS, FL, Alachua County, GainesvilleC R JacksonFlorida Agricultural Experiment Station9/10/1956FSU
infoChamaesyce mendeziiUS, FL, Polk County, Babson ParkDerek BurchFlorida Agricultural Experiment Station27/11/1964FSU
infoCleome spinosaUS, FL, Highlands County, Avon ParkE.S. Ford
W.Y. Bennett
Florida Agricultural Experiment Station6/8/1960FSU
infoEvolvulus sericeus var. sericeusUS, FL, Miami-Dade County, Everglades National ParkDaniel B Ward
Robert K Godfrey
Florida Agricultural Experiment Station17/4/1964FSU
infoEvolvulus sericeusUS, FL, Marion County, Ocala National ForestD W MatherFlorida Agricultural Experiment Station12/5/1949FSU
infoIresine rhizomatosaUS, FL, Liberty County, Alum BluffDaniel B Ward
E.S. Ford
Florida Agricultural Experiment Station
Daniel B Ward
infoMomordica charantiaUS, FL, Alachua County, Gainesville CultivatedC R JacksonFlorida Agricultural Experiment Station25/11/1957FSU
infoOnosmodium virginianumUS, FL, Marion County, MartinDaniel B WardFlorida Agricultural Experiment Station30/4/1960FSU
infoPoinsettia cyathophoraUS, FL, Duval County, Oak HarborD.B. CreagerField Museum of Natural History
Florida Agricultural Experiment Station

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