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Mary Parker née Cubitt (1821 - 1890)

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Search results, herbarium specimens collected by Mary Parker née Cubitt
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infoAjuga chamaepitysGB, VC17 Surrey, AshteadMary Parker née Cubitt8/1846K
infoAjuga reptansGB, VC10 Isle of Wight, East CowesMary Parker née Cubitt5/1845K
infoCampanula patulaGB, VC13 West Sussex, PulboroughMary Parker née Cubitt7/1846K
infoChaenorhinum minusGB, VC15 East Kent, BurhamMary Parker née Cubitt1858K
infoClinopodium ascendensMary Parker née Cubitt9/1859K
infoClinopodium ascendensGB, VC27 East Norfolk, CromerMary Parker née Cubitt8/1870K
infoCuscuta epithymumGB, VC17 Surrey, OxshottMary Parker née Cubitt7/1846K
infoDigitalis purpureaGB, VC17 Surrey, HeadleyMary Parker née Cubitt6/1846K
infoFraxinus excelsiorGB, VC17 Surrey, DorkingMary Parker née Cubitt5/1857K
infoGaleopsis angustifoliaGB, VC17 Surrey, ReigateMary Parker née Cubitt7/1845K
infoGaleopsis tetrahitGB, VC17 Surrey, ReigateMary Parker née Cubitt7/1845K
infoGlebionis segetumGB, Ambiguous locality (GB), WardenMary Parker née Cubitt8/1847K
infoGlechoma hederaceaGB, VC17 Surrey, ClaphamMary Parker née Cubitt5/1845K
infoGnaphalium sylvaticumGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, Loch RannochMary Parker née Cubitt9/1866K
infoHabenaria albidaGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, KillinMary Parker née Cubitt7/1849K
infoHabenaria virideGB, VC14 East Sussex, EastbourneMary Parker née Cubitt6/1860K
infoLamium albumGB, VC17 Surrey, Balham, Bedford HillMary Parker née Cubitt5/1845K
infoLamium amplexicauleGB, VC17 Surrey, DorkingMary Parker née Cubitt9/1858K
infoLamium galeobdolon subsp. montanumGB, VC17 Surrey, AshteadMary Parker née Cubitt5/1846K
infoLamium purpureum var. purpureumGB, VC17 Surrey, ClaphamMary Parker née Cubitt5/1845K
infoLeonurus cardiacaGB, VC4 North Devon, Combe MartinMary Parker née Cubitt9/1861K
infoLinaria repensGB, VC22 BerkshireMary Parker née Cubitt1845K
infoMentha aquaticaGB, VC10 Isle of Wight, RydeMary Parker née Cubitt8/1845K
infoMentha pulegiumGB, VC17 Surrey, HolmwoodMary Parker née Cubitt9/1859K
infoMisopates orontiumGB, VC17 Surrey, DorkingMary Parker née Cubitt7/1854K
infoMonotropa hypopitysGB, VC17 Surrey, DorkingMary Parker née Cubitt7/1853K
infoOenanthe fistulosaGB, VC10 Isle of Wight, ShanklinMary Parker née Cubitt7/1846K
infoOphrys insectiferaGB, VC17 Surrey, Little BookhamMary Parker née Cubitt5/1847K
infoOrchis morioGB, VC10 Isle of Wight, OsborneMary Parker née Cubitt5/1845K
infoOrchis morioGB, VC17 Surrey, DenbiesMary Parker née CubittK
infoOrchis ustulataGB, VC29 Cambridgeshire, Gog Magog HillsMary Parker née Cubitt5/1869K
infoOriganum vulgareGB, VC17 Surrey, ReigateMary Parker née Cubitt7/1845K
infoPlantago lanceolataGB, VC17 Surrey, ClaphamMary Parker née Cubitt6/1845K
infoPlantago maritimaGB, VC49 Caernarvonshire, CaernarfonMary Parker née Cubitt7/1848K
infoPlantago mediaGB, VC21 Middlesex, IsleworthMary Parker née Cubitt6/1845K
infoPolystichum lonchitisGB, VC49 Caernarvonshire, Clogwyn y GarneddMary Parker née Cubitt8/1848K
infoRanunculus arvensisGB, VC17 Surrey, StreathamMary Parker née Cubitt6/1845
infoScrophularia nodosaGB, VC17 Surrey, AshteadMary Parker née Cubitt6/1846K
infoScrophularia nodosaGB, VC17 Surrey, ClaphamMary Parker née Cubitt7/1845K
infoScrophularia scorodoniaGB, VC17 Surrey, StokeMary Parker née Cubitt6/1846K

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