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Prof. Michael O'Connell

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Search results, herbarium specimens collected by Prof. Michael O'Connell
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infoAsplenium adiantum-nigrumIE, VCH6 Co. Waterford, Monatray, Youghal BayMichael O'Connell6/1978GALW
infoAsplenium ruta-murariaIE, VCH16 West Galway, GalwayMichael O'Connell23/4/1977GALW
infoBartsia alpinaNO, Oppland, ValdresflyaMichael O'Connell28/7/1983GALW
infoCarex acutaDE, BalkseeMichael O'Connell10/6/1982GALW
infoCarex acutaDE, BalkseeMichael O'Connell19/7/1983GALW
infoCarex acutiformisDE, Wilhemshaven, NiedersachsenMichael O'Connell18/5/1982GALW
infoCarex curtaDE, Neuenwalde, NiedersachsenMichael O'Connell9/6/1982GALW
infoCarex diandraIE, VCH15 South-east Galway, Lough ReaMichael O'Connell11/6/1978GALW
infoCarex distichaIE, VCH23,VCH24,VCH25, Lough ReeMichael O'Connell11/6/1978GALW
infoCarex hostianaIE, VCH2 North Kerry, MullaghmoreB Macgowran
Michael O'Connell
infoCarex lasiocarpaDE, Wilhemshaven, NiedersachsenMichael O'Connell18/5/1982GALW
infoCarex ovalisDE, Niedersachsen, BalkseeMichael O'Connell10/6/1982GALW
infoCarex paniculataDE, BalkseeMichael O'Connell10/6/1982GALW
infoCarex pseudocyperusDE, Hallmer SeeMichael O'Connell9/6/1982GALW
infoCarex remotaIE, VCH16 West Galway, SpiddalMichael O'ConnellGALW
infoCarex vesicariaDEMichael O'Connell9/6/1982GALW
infoDiplotaxis muralisIE, VCH16 West Galway, Salt HillMichael O'Connell12/5/1980GALW
infoDryopteris aemulaIE, VCH16 West Galway, OughterardMichael O'Connell10/3/1978GALW
infoDryopteris dilatataIE, VCH3 West Cork, TimoleagueMichael O'Connell29/10/1978GALW
infoDryopteris filix-masIE, VCH3 West Cork, TimoleagueMichael O'Connell29/10/1979GALW
infoEmpetrum hermaphroditumNO, ValdresflyaMichael O'Connell28/7/1981GALW
infoEriophorum angustifoliumIE, VCH16 West Galway, KnockrannyMichael O'Connell10/2/1978GALW
infoGalium sylvaticumDE, Niedersachsen, GottingenMichael O'Connell5/1979GALW
infoGeranium bohemicumNO, Oppland, BergoMichael O'Connell27/7/1981GALW
infoGeranium lucidumIE, VCH9 Co. Clare, Newtown CastleMichael O'ConnellGALW
infoGeranium sylvaticum
NO, Oppland, Jotunheimen
Michael O'Connell28/7/1981GALW
infoHuperzia selago
NO, Oppland, Bergo
Michael O'Connell28/7/1981GALW
infoHymenophyllum tunbrigenseIE, VCH3 West Cork, GlengariffMichael O'ConnellGALW
infoLamium galeobdolonDE, Niedersachsen, DuderstadtMichael O'Connell5/1979GALW
infoLamium maculatumDE, Niedersachsen, DuderstadtMichael O'Connell5/1979GALW
infoLinaria vulgarisIE, VCH16 West Galway, DaingeanMichael O'Connell9/1978GALW
infoLychnis alpinaNO, Oppland, ValdresflyaMichael O'ConnellGALW
infoLychnis viscariaNO, Oppland, ValdresflyaMichael O'Connell28/7/1981GALW
infoLycopodium annotinumNO, Oppland, FagernesMichael O'Connell27/7/1981GALW
infoLycopodium inundatumIE, VCH16 West Galway, Lough MaskMichael O'ConnellGALW
infoMelampyrum sylvaticumNO, BergoMichael O'Connell27/7/1981GALW
infoOxyria digynaNO, Oppland, ValdresflyaMichael O'Connell28/7/1981GALW
infoPersicaria viviparaNO, Oppland, ValdresflyaMichael O'Connell29/7/1981GALW
infoPolypodium vulgareIE, VCH6 Co. Waterford, Monatray, Youghal BayMichael O'Connell4/1979GALW
infoPolypodium vulgareIE, VCH16 West Galway, NewtownMichael O'Connell10/2/1978GALW

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