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Rev. Frederick Arundel Rogers (1876 - 1944)

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Search results, herbarium specimens collected by Rev. Frederick Arundel Rogers
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infoOrchis morioGB, VC3 South Devon, Penn WoodWilliam Moyle RogersFrederick Arundel Rogers5/1877K
infoMentha aquaticaGB, VC5 South Somerset, Bishops LydeardFrederick Arundel Rogers9/1934K
infoRubus leightoniiGB, VC9 Dorset, Branksome ChineFrederick Arundel RogersBotanical Exchange Club of The British Isles
William Moyle Rogers
infoRubus moyleiGB, VC9 Dorset, Studland BayFrederick Arundel Rogers6/7/1890ABS
infoRubus dentatifoliusGB, VC10 Isle of Wight, ShanklinFrederick Arundel Rogers29/8/1894SLBI
infoRubus bloxamiiGB, VC11 South Hampshire, BournemouthFrederick Arundel Rogers28/6/1894SLBI
infoRubus corylifolius var. sublustrisGB, VC11 South Hampshire, BournemouthFrederick Arundel Rogers23/6/1894SHYB
infoRubus leucostachys x villicauliformisGB, VC11 South Hampshire, ChristchurchFrederick Arundel Rogers
Richard Paget Murray
William Moyle Rogers6/7/1894
infoRubus leightoniiGB, VC11 South Hampshire, HoldenhurstFrederick Arundel RogersWilliam Moyle Rogers6/7/1894SLBI
infoRubus anglocandicansGB, VC33 East Gloucestershire, Stow on the WoldFrederick Arundel RogersWilliam Moyle Rogers19/7/1913SLBI
infoRubus lentiginosusGB, VC40 Shropshire, BomereFrederick Arundel RogersWilliam Hunt Painter
William Moyle Rogers
infoArctium majusGB, VC40 Shropshire, Upton MagnaFrederick Arundel Rogers4/7/1894SHYB
infoRubus koehleri subsp. pallidusGB, VC40 Shropshire, YortonFrederick Arundel Rogers11/9/1894SHYB
infoStachys sylvaticaGB, VC65 North-west Yorkshire, West WittonFrederick Arundel Rogers5/1922K
infoEuphrasia curta var. glabrescensGB, VC75 Ayrshire, Glen AppFrederick Arundel RogersAugustin Ley
William Moyle Rogers
infoHieracium vulgatumGB, VC87 West Perthshire, CallanderFrederick Arundel Rogers2/7/1896SLBI
infoPolystichum lonchitisGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, Ben LawersWilliam WestFrederick Arundel Rogers7/1889K
infoPolystichum lonchitisGB, VC90 Angus, ClovaWoodFrederick Arundel Rogers8/1872K
infoLagurus ovatusGB, VC113 Channel Islands, Guernsey,L'Ancresse CommonFrederick Arundel RogersWilliam Moyle Rogers2/7/1897ABS
infoLagurus ovatusGB, VC113 Channel Islands, L'Ancresse CommonFrederick Arundel RogersBotanical Exchange Club of The British Isles
Augustin Ley
William Moyle Rogers
infoEuphrasia curta var. glabrescensIE, VCH39 Co. Antrim, Giants CausewayFrederick Arundel RogersAugustin Ley7/1901BIRM

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