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Robert Edwin Christopher Ferreira

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Search results, herbarium specimens collected by Robert Edwin Christopher Ferreira
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infoCarex distichaGB, VC108 West Sutherland, StrathyRobert Edwin Christopher Ferreira5/8/1978E
infoCarex hirtaGB, VC108 West Sutherland, EribollRobert Edwin Christopher Ferreira5/7/1978E
infoCarex paniculataGB, VC105 West Ross & Cromarty, ApplecrossRobert Edwin Christopher Ferreira6/8/1980E
infoCarex paniculataGB, VC108 West Sutherland, LedbegRobert Edwin Christopher Ferreira8/6/1985E
infoCarex sylvaticaGB, VC104 North Ebudes, KinlochRobert Edwin Christopher Ferreira28/7/1978E
infoCarex vesicariaGB, VC108 West Sutherland, Loch HopeRobert Edwin Christopher Ferreira8/8/1980E
infoElatine hexandraGB, VC40 Shropshire, Bomere PoolRobert Edwin Christopher Ferreira8/1899SLBI
infoGaleopsis tetrahitGB, VC17 Surrey, Church CobhamRobert Edwin Christopher Ferreira6/8/1949K
infoGaleopsis tetrahitGB, VC17 Surrey, CobhamRobert Edwin Christopher Ferreira6/8/1949K
infoHabenaria virideGB, VC103 Mid Ebudes, IonaRobert Edwin Christopher Ferreira26/6/1953K
infoHabenaria virideGB, VC108 West Sutherland, DurnessRobert Edwin Christopher Ferreira5/8/1957K
infoHabenaria virideGB, VC110 Outer Hebrides, FudayRobert Edwin Christopher Ferreira14/7/1955K
infoMentha arvensis x aquatica = M. x verticillataGB, VC17 Surrey, ColdharbourRobert Edwin Christopher Ferreira6/1948LIV
infoSilene nutansGB, VC11 South Hampshire, Milford on SeaRobert Edwin Christopher FerreiraDulwich College9/1910SLBI
infoStachys palustrisGB, VC16 West Kent, SevenoaksRobert Edwin Christopher Ferreira27/4/1949K
infoVerbascum GB, VC17 Surrey, Holmbury Saint MaryRobert Edwin Christopher Ferreira6/8/1949K

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