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William Lauder Lindsay (1829 - 1880)

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Search results, herbarium specimens collected by William Lauder Lindsay
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infoBaldellia ranunculoidesGB, VC73 Kirkcudbrightshire, Maxwellton LochG MayBotanical Society of Edinburgh
William Lauder Lindsay
infoBaldellia ranunculoidesGB, VC100 Clyde Islands, Great Cumbrae IslandAnthony MacTierWilliam Lauder Lindsay7/1849E
infoCarex acutiformisGB, VC98,VC101, ArdrishaigWilliam Lauder LindsayJohn Thomas Irvine Boswell-Syme9/6/1848E
infoCarex arenariaGB, VC85 Fifeshire, BurntislandWilliam Lauder Lindsay30/6/1849E
infoCarex binervisGB, VC81 Berwickshire, Saint Abb's HeadJohn MclarenWilliam Lauder Lindsay7/1850E
infoCarex distichaGB, VC77 Lanarkshire, Corra LinnWilliam Lauder Lindsay
Anthony MacTier
infoCarex echinataGB, VC100 Clyde Islands, ButeWilliam Lauder LindsayWilliam Lauder Lindsay7/1843E
infoCarex elongataGB, VC40 Shropshire, EllesmereWilliam Lauder LindsayHenry Bidwell11/7/1842E
infoCarex flaccaGB, VC77 Lanarkshire, Jervis WoodWilliam Lauder Lindsay24/6/1848E
infoCarex flaccaGB, VC85 Fifeshire, StarleyburnWilliam Lauder Lindsay22/7/1848E
infoCarex hirtaGB, VC85 Fifeshire, AberdourWilliam Lauder LindsayWilliam Lauder Lindsay16/7/1849E
infoCarex hirtaGB, VC85 Fifeshire, Otterston LochWilliam Lauder Lindsay16/6/1849E
infoCarex laevigataGB, VC83 Midlothian, BorthwickWilliam Lauder LindsayE
infoCarex leporinaGB, VC106,VC107, Oykel BridgeJohn Hutton Balfour
William Lauder Lindsay
infoCarex maritimaGB, VC91 Kincardineshire, Garron PointA P MacklinWilliam Lauder Lindsay8/1849E
infoCarex muricataGB, VC91 Kincardineshire, DrumoakAnthony MacTierWilliam Lauder Lindsay8/1849E
infoCarex muricataGB, VC92 South Aberdeenshire, DrumoakWilliam Lauder Lindsay8/1849E
infoCarex otrubaeGB, VC64 Mid-west Yorkshire, HarrogateJohn Mclaren
William Lauder Lindsay
infoCarex otrubaeGB, VC85 Fifeshire, RosythWilliam Lauder Lindsay12/8/1848E
infoCarex pseudocyperusGB, VC58 Cheshire, SeacombeBenjamin CarringtonWilliam Lauder LindsayE
infoCarex pullaGB, VC92 South Aberdeenshire, LochnagarWilliam Lauder Lindsay
Anthony MacTier
infoCarex remotaGB, VC77 Lanarkshire, JerviswoodWilliam Lauder LindsayWilliam Lauder Lindsay6/1848E
infoCarex ripariaGB, VC82 East Lothian, LuffnessWilliam Lauder Lindsay6/1848E
infoCarex sylvaticaGB, VC66 County Durham, Butterby WoodsWilliam Lauder Lindsay
John Townley
infoCarex vaginataGB, VC92 South Aberdeenshire, BraemarAlexander CroallWilliam Lauder Lindsay7/1856E
infoCarex vesicariaGB, VC96 East Inverness-shire, MillhillWilliam Alexander StablesBotanical Society of Edinburgh
William Lauder Lindsay
infoElodea canadensisGB, VC55 Leicestershire, LeicestershireRobert Mackenzie StarkWilliam Lauder Lindsay1848E
infoElodea canadensisGB, VC56 Nottinghamshire, BeestonRichard S MitchellWilliam Lauder Lindsay8/1849E
infoSagittaria sagittifoliaGB, VC53 South Lincolnshire, LincolnBenjamin CarringtonWilliam Lauder LindsayE
infoScheuchzeria palustrisGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, MethvenJohn SimRobert MacKechnie
William Lauder Lindsay
infoStratiotes aloidesGB, VC83 Midlothian, Duddingston LochWilliam Lauder Lindsay7/1848E

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