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Arbutus unedo L. "Strawberry-tree"

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infoArbutus unedoGB, VC9 Dorset, ParkstoneS A ChambersS A Chambers11/1927SLBI
infoArbutus unedoGB, VC11 South Hampshire, Bournemouth CultivatedA S WPhineas Fox Lee
William Hadden Beeby
Arthur Bennett
infoArbutus unedoGB, VC13 West Sussex, PulboroughAllan Octavian HumeAllan Octavian Hume5/11/1903SLBI
infoArbutus unedoGB, VC17 Surrey, Crystal Palace CultivatedAllan Octavian HumeAllan Octavian Hume27/12/1899SLBI
infoArbutus unedoGB, VC17 Surrey, Kew CultivatedJohn Gilbert BakerRoyal Botanic Gardens, Kew
George Stephen West
infoArbutus unedoGB, VC28 West Norfolk, Swaffham CultivatedDouglas Montague Heath13/10/1917BIRM
infoArbutus unedoIE, VCH1 South Kerry, KillarneyGerard Edwards SmithWilliam Hunt Painter10/1842ABS
infoArbutus unedoIE, VCH1 South Kerry, Upper LakeRichard Barker UllmanRichard Barker Ullman28/9/1936SLBI
infoArbutus unedoIE, VCH2 North Kerry, Killarney,Upper LakeJohn Gregory Hawkes24/6/1954BIRM
infoArbutus unedoIE, VCH2 North Kerry, Killarney,Upper LakeDouglas Montague Heath21/7/1936BIRM
infoArbutus unedoIE, VCH2 North Kerry, MuckrossAugustin LeyAugustin Ley8/1887BIRM
infoArbutus unedoIE, VCH2 North Kerry, MuckrossWilliam WestWilliam West7/1890BIRM
infoArbutus unedoIE, VCH2 North Kerry, TorcT F FoggittIsaac A Helsby9/1931SLBI
infoArbutus unedoIE, Kerry, Kerry CultivatedWilliam WestBIRM
infoArbutus unedoIE, Kerry, KillarneyU. C. W. Field Course3/1972ABS
infoArbutus unedoIE, Kerry, KillarneyU. C. W. Field Course3/1972ABS
+Arbutus unedoIE, Kerry, KillarneyJohn Hutton Balfour14/10/1842PTH
infoArbutus unedoIE, Kerry, KillarneyJohn PaganWilliam Hadden Beeby9/1873SLBI
+Arbutus unedoIE, Kerry, KillarneyChristie and Edward ForbesJohn Hutton BalfourPTH
infoArbutus unedoIE, Kerry, KillarneyGertrude LeyAugustin Ley9/1878BIRM
infoArbutus unedoIE, Kerry, KillarneyWilliam Robert CrotchHarold Stuart Thompson
Thomas Clark
+Arbutus unedoIE, Kerry, Killarney LakesJohn Hutton Balfour16/8/1852PTH
infoArbutus unedoIE, VCH3 West Cork, GlengarriffRobert Albert PhillipsAllan Octavian Hume
Robert Albert Phillips
infoArbutus unedoIE, VCH38 Co. Down, NewcastleIsaac A HelsbyIsaac A Helsby8/1928SLBI
infoArbutus unedoIE, Ambiguous locality (IE), KillarneyRobert Large Baker8/1879
infoArbutus unedoIE, Ambiguous locality (IE), KillarneyThreshC E Robinson1/9/1888SLBI
infoArbutus unedo CultivatedCroydon Natural History and Scientific Society
Henry Franklin Parsons
infoArbutus unedoAllan Octavian HumeSLBI

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