Welcome to Herbaria@home, a ground-breaking new approach to digitising and documenting the archives / material of the UK's herbaria. This site provides a web-based method for documenting herbarium sheets - so that they can be seen by anyone with a computer and internet connection. We welcome participation in the project, so please read more about the project and if you would like to help then get involved!

We will keep participants informed with regular progress updates and statistics and all specimens documented are immediately made available and searchable on the web.

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Current progress

150686 herbarium specimens have been documented so far.

We are currently concentrating efforts on sheets from the South London Botanical Institute.

We welcome new volunteers to document sheets. Please have a go and send feedback if you have any problems. 

Carex riparia

Documented on March 26th by siandef.

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    We welcome new volunteers! You can join here or if you want to try documenting straight away then please click here to be allocated a set, or choose from the lists below.

    This is the list of sheet photos which have currently been allocated to you to document or edit. If you have finished with these then please release them back into the pool.

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      Sheets to document

      The allocation link above will pick a set of specimens automatically, alternatively you can choose to document sheets from a particular project or herbarium from the list below or search by genus for a particular set of sheets to work on.

      projectcomplete/available/total sheets
      British and Irish Flowering Plants(107631 / 1646 / 109364)
      collectioncomplete/available/total sheets
      Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew(14134 / 144 / 14279)
      Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh(169 / 75 / 252)
      Natural History Museum(3974 / 1502 / 5479)
      (other completed sets)119543

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      Alternatively, click here to search amongst the specimens that have already been documented.

      Completed sheets

      Sets of sheets that have been fully documented.

      University of Birmingham(37861)
      University College Dublin(2031)
      Tullie House Museum(38)
      Tenby Museum(2)
      South London Botanical Institute(43850)
      Shrewsbury School(2592)
      Oxford University(382)
      National University of Ireland, Galway(1099)
      National Museums Liverpool(574)
      National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin(231)
      Manchester Museum(6706)
      Lincolnshire Naturalists' Union(15)
      Launceston Museum(797)
      Gloucester City Museum(3066)
      Charterhouse School Herbarium(281)
      Cambridge University(877)
      Bolton Museum(3600)
      Aberystwyth University Herbarium(15541)
      Please note that for many of the larger institutions listed above the sheets online here represent only a small proportion of the institution's total collection. Please contact the herbaria directly, for further information about their other collections.


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