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joined: 27/11/2011
sheets: 36 documented

Herbarium sheet records created by sheila.

+Lotus subbiflorusGB, VC2 East Cornwall, West LooeAllan Octavian HumeAllan Octavian Hume27/6/1900SLBI27/11/2011
+Vicia hirsutaGB, VC19 North Essex, DovercourtWilliam Robert SherrinWilliam Robert Sherrin7/1905SLBI27/11/2011
+Vicia tetraspermaGB, VC14 East Sussex, WorthHenry Franklin ParsonsCroydon Natural History and Scientific Society18/6/1887SLBI27/11/2011
+Vicia tetraspermaGB, VC15 East Kent, TenterdenCroydon Natural History and Scientific Society
Robert Russell Hutchinson
+Hippocrepis comosaGB, VC15 East Kent, FolkestoneWilliam Henry GriffinAllan Octavian Hume3/6/1901SLBI27/11/2011
+Vicia hirsutaGB, VC17 Surrey, Hedge CourtWilliam Hadden BeebyWilliam Hadden Beeby18/8/1884SLBI27/11/2011
+Vicia villosaGB, VC17 Surrey, LimpsfieldRandolph William RobbinsLondon Natural History Society20/6/1925SLBI27/11/2011
+Trifolium dubiumGB, VC16 West Kent, CatfordWilliam Henry GriffinAllan Octavian Hume25/5/1901SLBI28/11/2011
+Lotus pedunculatusGB, VC3 South Devon, BishopsteigntonWilliam Robert Sherrin8/1937SLBI28/11/2011
+Lotus subbiflorusGB, VC2 East Cornwall, PolperroFrancis RilstoneJob Edward Lousley14/7/1934SLBI28/11/2011
+Vicia tetraspermaGB, VC19 North Essex, Wickham BishopsHarold Goodman Dixon
Hugh Neville Dixon
Hugh Neville Dixon
Leslie Beeching Hall
+Anthyllis vulnerariaGB, VC4 North Devon, Westward HoRobert Russell HutchinsonCroydon Natural History and Scientific Society
Robert Russell Hutchinson
+Anthyllis vulnerariaGB, VC1 West Cornwall, PentreathRobert Russell HutchinsonCroydon Natural History and Scientific Society
Robert Russell Hutchinson
+Lotus glaberGB, VC1 West Cornwall, BissoeFrederick Hamilton DaveyAllan Octavian Hume22/8/1899SLBI28/11/2011
+Lotus pedunculatusGB, VC113 Channel Islands, Bouley BayCroydon Natural History and Scientific Society
Henry Franklin Parsons
+Vicia tetrasperma var. tenuissimaGB, VC12 North Hampshire, PamberGeorge Claridge DruceBotanical Exchange Club of The British Isles
Druce Herbarium, Oxford
Job Edward Lousley
+Vicia sativaGB, VC17 Surrey, Lower MordenCharles Edward BrittonCharles Edward Britton20/5/1908SLBI3/12/2011
+Vicia lathyroidesGB, VC12 North Hampshire, HeadleyCecil Prescott HurstAllan Octavian Hume9/5/1902SLBI3/12/2011
+Lotus subbiflorusGB, VC1 West Cornwall, LizardStafford Edwin ChandlerCroydon Natural History and Scientific Society9/1902SLBI3/12/2011
+Vicia orobusGB, VC6 North Somerset, Mendip HillsHarold Stuart ThompsonIsaac A Helsby28/6/1923SLBI3/12/2011
+Vicia sativaGB, VC15 East Kent, RochesterH M SheppardJob Edward Lousley28/5/1934SLBI3/12/2011
+Vicia sativaGB, VC17 Surrey, FrenshamWilliam Hadden BeebyWilliam Hadden Beeby7/5/1882SLBI3/12/2011
+Vicia sativaGB, VC17 Surrey, FrimleyWilliam Hadden BeebyWilliam Hadden Beeby22/6/1884SLBI3/12/2011
+Vicia tetraspermaGB, VC17 Surrey, ChelshamWilliam Henry GriffinAllan Octavian Hume15/6/1901SLBI3/12/2011
+Vicia tetraspermaGB, VC17 Surrey, Colley HillCharles Edgar SalmonCroydon Natural History and Scientific Society
Charles Edgar Salmon
+Vicia sativaGB, VC1 West Cornwall, LizardAllan Octavian HumeAllan Octavian Hume10/5/1899SLBI3/12/2011
+Vicia sativaGB, VC10 Isle of Wight, NitonAllan Octavian HumeAllan Octavian Hume12/6/1898SLBI3/12/2011
+Vicia lathyroidesGB, VC6 North Somerset, RowberrowJames Walter WhiteJob Edward Lousley23/8/1903SLBI3/12/2011
+Lotus pedunculatusGB, VC70 Cumberland, KeswickStafford Edwin ChandlerCroydon Natural History and Scientific Society
Stafford Edwin Chandler
+Vicia luteaGB, VC15 East Kent, DungenessWilliam Henry GriffinAllan Octavian Hume17/8/1903SLBI4/12/2011
+Vicia sylvaticaGB, VC3 South Devon, TorquayP M RobsonsAllan Octavian Hume26/6/1905SLBI4/12/2011
+Vicia sylvaticaGB, VC7 North Wiltshire, MarlboroughW F D AclandCroydon Natural History and Scientific Society
Stafford Edwin Chandler
+Hammarbya paludosaGB, VC11 South Hampshire, BrockenhurstErnest David MarquandJohn Ralfs8/1878SLBI7/12/2011
+Hammarbya paludosaGB, VC29 Cambridgeshire, GamlingayJ W DeereCroydon Natural History and Scientific Society
John Joseph Bennett
Robert Russell Hutchinson
+Cephalanthera longifoliaGB, VC17 Surrey, ReigateCroydon Natural History and Scientific Society
Henry Franklin Parsons
+Epipactis phyllanthesGB, VC59 South Lancashire, FreshfieldDonald Peter YoungCroydon Natural History and Scientific Society9/8/1959SLBI7/12/2011

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