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joined: 22/04/2012
sheets: 13 documented

Herbarium sheet records created by tm2383.

+Rubus murrayiGB, VC38 Warwickshire, KnowleP J Muell4/8/1974SLBI22/4/2012
+Rubus dasyphyllusGB, VC72 Dumfriesshire, MoffatCharles BaileyAllan Octavian Hume21/9/1898SLBI22/4/2012
+Rubus hylocharis
GB, VC69 Westmorland, Orrest Head
K MarksSLBI22/4/2012
+Rubus murrayiGB, VC38 Warwickshire, KnowleJames Eustace Bagnall4/8/1874SLBI22/4/2012
+Rubus praetextusGB, VC16 West Kent, WesterhamCharles AveryCharles Avery6/7/1949SLBI22/4/2012
+Rubus rufescensGB, VC24 Buckinghamshire, AmershamCharles Edward BrittonCharles Edward Britton27/7/1902SLBI22/4/2012
+Rubus sectiramusGB, VC17 Surrey, Wimbledon CommonCharles Avery18/7/1939SLBI22/4/2012
+Rubus sectiramusGB, VC17 Surrey, PutneyCharles Edward BrittonCharles Edward Britton22/7/1904SLBI22/4/2012
+Rubus hylocharisGB, VC57 Derbyshire, HullandWilliam Richardson LintonAllan Octavian Hume3/9/1892SLBI22/4/2012
+Rubus marshalliiGB, VC17 Surrey, Leith HillJohn Gilbert BakerWilliam Hadden Beeby20/8/1885SLBI22/4/2012
+Rubus murrayiGB, VC17 Surrey, Wimbledon CommonCharles Avery24/7/1939SLBI22/4/2012
+Rubus phaeocarpusGB, VC22 Berkshire, BuckleburyRandolph William Robbins17/8/1928SLBI22/4/2012
+Rubus scabripesGB, VC3 South Devon, BickleighGeorge Brooke SaveryAllan Octavian Hume
William Moyle Rogers
+Rubus adenoleucusGB, VC21 Middlesex, ScratchwoodWilliam Charles Richard WatsonWilliam Charles Richard Watson19/6/1950SLBI22/4/2012

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