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Rev Douglas Montague Heath (1881-1961)



Educated St Edmund Hall, Oxford (BA 1902, MA 1906).
1903 Ely Theological College, followed by series of positions within the church:
1904-1906 Hanbury.
1907 Luton.
1907-1910 Sproxton.
1911 census described as 'member of the community of the resurrection' in the House of the Resurrection at Dewsbury, Yorkshire.
1912-1917 Swaffham.
1918-1919 Sarisbury, near Southampton.
1919-1929 Bush End (instituted Vicar 16th May 1919, a post formerly held by his father).
1929-1932 Ascot.
1932 - ? Little Compton.
1944 (approx.) married Edith Bagnall.

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