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Richard de Gylpyn Benson

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Richard de Gylpyn Benson (25/6/1856-1904)



Born in East London. Trained as a solicitor, but ill health meant that he 'retired' at an early age and he moved to Pulverbatch (to which his father, a medic Richard Brownlow Benson, also retired at a young age).

Pulverbatch had family connections. One of Richard de Gylpyn Benson's great-grandfathers, William Gilpin (1757-1848) was both grandfather to his father, and to his mother, and was rector of Pulverbatch for 42 years, where the 'Old Rectory' was built in 1806 as accommodation for his large family (SJ430028).

Richard de Gylpyn Benson was a very keen bryologist and has a detailed BIOGRAPHY by Mark Lawley.

He contributed a paper "Shropshire Mosses" (Journal of Botany, 1893, 31, 257-265). He died in Pulverbatch in 1904. Some of his moss specimens are housed at the Natural History Museum. image:Benson.jpg

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