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Mr Thomas Clark (16/12/1793-26/5/1864)



Thomas Clark (1793-1864).
A cousin of Francis James Thompson and thus related to Harold Stuart Thompson, and uncle of Isabella Metford.
By 1810 he was a grocer in Bridgwater.
He married Elizabeth Bull in 1833. She died in 1837.
He was a friend of Rev John Coombes Collins of Saint Johns, with whom he used to go botanising.
He wrote "Catalogue of the rarer plants of the turf-moors of Somerset", Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society VII (1858) 64.
His nature diary 1853-1864 is in Blake Museum. As well as notes about the plants he kept a meticulous record of the weather.
Died at his residence, Halesleigh, Wembdon, 1864.

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