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Herbarium sheet records created by bulbaholic.

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+Sagina procumbensGB, VC55 Leicestershire, Twycross1843SLBI3/10/2011
+Hypericum androsaemumGB, VC11 South Hampshire, LyndhurstWilliam Hadden Beeby6/1869SLBI3/10/2011
+Hypericum undulatumGB, VC1 West Cornwall, CarnkiefFrancis RilstoneWatson Botanical Exchange Club
Francis Rilstone
Job Edward Lousley
+Hypericum hirsutumGB, VC16 West Kent, ShorehamWilliam Henry GriffinAllan Octavian Hume13/8/1902SLBI3/10/2011
+Spergularia marinaGB, VC15,VC16, GreenhitheWilliam Henry GriffinAllan Octavian Hume13/7/1902SLBI6/10/2011
+Sagina maritimaGB, VC1 West Cornwall, Helston, Loe BarJob Edward LousleyJob Edward Lousley27/5/1929SLBI6/10/2011
+Sagina subulataGB, VC3 South Devon, LydfordAllan Octavian HumeAllan Octavian Hume6/6/1902SLBI6/10/2011
+Hypericum humifusumGB, VC13 West Sussex, PaghamJob Edward LousleyJob Edward Lousley9/6/1930SLBI6/10/2011
+Hypericum montanumGB, VC49 Caernarvonshire, Great Orme's HeadSpencer Henry BickhamWatson Botanical Exchange Club
Allan Octavian Hume
+Anthyllis vulneraria var. coccineaGB, VC1 West Cornwall, NewquayHarold Stuart ThompsonWatson Botanical Exchange Club
Harold Stuart Thompson
+Lotus glaberGB, VC38 Warwickshire, Sutton ParkRichard Charles L'Estrange Burges1937SLBI17/11/2011
+Lotus pedunculatusGB, VC16 West Kent, Horns CrossIsaac A HelsbyIsaac A Helsby7/7/1926SLBI17/11/2011
+Galega officinalisGB, VC17 Surrey, EwellJohn Richard WallisJohn Richard Wallis11/7/1942SLBI17/11/2011
+Lotus subbiflorusGB, VC1 West Cornwall, Saint Mary's, Scilly IslesWilliam Hadden BeebyWilliam Hadden Beeby12/6/1872SLBI22/11/2011
+Ornithopus perpusillusGB, VC17 Surrey, Ham CommonGeorge NicholsonWilliam Hadden Beeby7/1880SLBI22/11/2011
+Hippocrepis comosaAllan Octavian HumeSLBI22/11/2011
+Vicia parvifloraGB, VC17 Surrey, KingswoodS A ChambersS A Chambers13/8/1930SLBI22/11/2011
+Anthyllis vulnerariaGB, VC3 South Devon, DawlishEdward Shearburn MarshallWilliam Hadden Beeby24/4/1889SLBI3/12/2011
+Vicia sativaGB, VC26 West Suffolk, BrandonJob Edward LousleyJob Edward Lousley15/5/1932SLBI3/12/2011
+Vicia sativaGB, VC11,VC12, Crabwood, WinchesterCroydon Natural History and Scientific Society
J Breach
+Vicia lathyroidesGB, VC83 Midlothian, Kings Park, EdinburghCroydon Natural History and Scientific Society
John Joseph Bennett
Robert Russell Hutchinson
+Lathyrus pratensisGB, VC20 Hertfordshire, OxheyIsaac A HelsbyIsaac A Helsby23/6/1922SLBI16/12/2011
+Lathyrus linifoliusGB, VC17 Surrey, DormansEdward Charles WallaceEdward Charles Wallace
Job Edward Lousley
+Prunus domestica subsp. insititiaGB, VC62 North-east Yorkshire, Sowerby, ThirskThomas J FoggittBotanical Exchange Club of The British Isles15/5/1877SLBI16/12/2011
+Prunus domestica subsp. insititiaGB, VC17 Surrey, Norwood CultivatedAllan Octavian HumeAllan Octavian Hume23/4/1901SLBI16/12/2011

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