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Edward Charles Wallace

Edward Charles Wallace

map of herbarium specimens attributed to Edward Charles Wallace.
name:Mr Edward Charles Wallace
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VC13, VC14, VC15, VC16, VC17, VC18, VC19, VC20, VC21, VC22, VC23, VC24, VC25, VC26, VC27, VC28, VC29, VC30
VC5, VC6, VC7, VC8, VC9, VC11, VC12, VC34, VC36, VC37
VC2, VC3, VC4, VC41
VC48, VC49, VC52
VC39, VC54, VC55, VC57
VC62, VC64, VC65, VC66, VC67, VC68, VC69, VC70, VC81
VC74, VC75, VC86, VC87, VC88, VC89, VC98, VC99, VC100
VC90, VC91, VC92, VC94, VC95, VC96, VC97, VC104, VC105, VC106, VC107, VC108, VC109

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