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+Achillea ptarmicaFR, C, DinanWakefieldHewett Cottrell WatsonMANCH25/2/2007
+Helleborus viridisGB, VC1 West Cornwall, NewquayChambre Corker VigursAllan Octavian Hume12/5/1902SLBI18/2/2011
+Ranunculus linguaGB, VC10 Isle of Wight, FreshwaterPatrick Martin HallJob Edward Lousley
Patrick Martin Hall
+Achillea ptarmicaGB, VC14 East Sussex, HeathfieldClive A Stace8/1961MANCH13/2/2007
+Phyteuma orbiculareGB, VC14 East Sussex, RottingdeanGerard Edwards SmithHarvey7/1839MANCH18/2/2007
+Ranunculus trichophyllusGB, VC15 East Kent, LeysdownJob Edward LousleyJob Edward Lousley19/6/1932SLBI18/2/2011
+Lepidium ruderaleGB, VC17 Surrey, Mitcham CommonCharles AveryCharles Avery19/7/1957SLBI18/2/2011
+Capsella bursa-pastorisGB, VC17 Surrey, TadworthJob Edward LousleyWatson Botanical Exchange Club
Job Edward Lousley
+Potamogeton perfoliatusGB, VC20 Hertfordshire, BroxbourneEyre Champion de CrespignyCharles Bailey1886MANCH20/2/2007
+Potamogeton perfoliatusGB, VC22 Berkshire, SulhamsteadChenevix-Trench1894MANCH20/2/2007
+Potamogeton gramineusGB, VC31 Huntingdonshire, RamseyAlfred FryerAlfred Fryer
Charles Bailey
+Alisma plantago-aquaticaGB, VC31 Huntingdonshire, River OuseD J L HardingRepton School Herbarium1955MANCH25/2/2007
+Potamogeton berchtoldiiGB, VC32 Northamptonshire, PeakirkGeorge Claridge DruceBotanical Exchange Club of The British Isles
Druce Herbarium, Oxford
Charles Bailey
+Achillea ptarmicaGB, VC43 Radnorshire, LlandrindodWilliam Henry PurchasBotanical Exchange Club of The British Isles
Charles Bailey
+Inula heleniumGB, VC48 Merionethshire, BarmouthCharles BaileyCharles Bailey17/7/1879MANCH20/2/2007
+Potamogeton polygonifoliusGB, VC50 Denbighshire, WrexhamCharles WaterfallBotanical Society & Exchange Club of The British Isles
Charles Waterfall
+Achillea millefoliumGB, VC57 Derbyshire, Newton Solney
GB, VC57 Derbyshire, Repton
A E AldousRepton School Herbarium16/7/1911MANCH18/2/2007
+Potamogeton crispusGB, VC58 Cheshire, Birkenhead,Great MeolsCharles BaileyCharles Bailey8/6/1892MANCH20/2/2007
+Callitriche platycarpaGB, VC58 Cheshire, BollingtonJohn Norton MillsJohn Norton Mills10/1/1960MANCH20/2/2007
+Potamogeton crispusGB, VC58 Cheshire, NorthwichW Horton-Smith10/1916MANCH13/2/2007
+Lobelia dortmannaGB, VC69 Westmorland, EasedaleChenevix-Trench1898MANCH25/2/2007
+Achillea ptarmicaGB, VC70 Cumberland, EnnerdaleRhoda HemmingsRepton School Herbarium19/8/1956MANCH18/2/2007
+Lobelia dortmannaGB, VC70 Cumberland, Ennerdale LakeRhoda HemmingsRepton School Herbarium10/8/1956MANCH18/2/2007
+Ranunculus flammula subsp. scoticusGB, VC108 West Sutherland, InchnadamphWilliam Andrew ShoolbredWatson Botanical Exchange Club
William Andrew Shoolbred
+Inula salicinaIE, Ambiguous locality (IE), ShannonW DavidsonCharles Bailey8/1898MANCH20/2/2007
+Potamogeton gramineusIE, VCH22 Meath, NavanCharles Bailey
Edward Francis Linton
+Potamogeton pectinatusIE, VCH40 Co. Londonderry, PortstewartAlexander Cossart Hasse7/1860MANCH25/2/2007

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