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William Richardson Linton

William Richardson Linton

map of herbarium specimens attributed to William Richardson Linton.
name:Rev William Richardson Linton BA
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VC9, VC10, VC11, VC12, VC17, VC21, VC22, VC23
VC15, VC16, VC18, VC19, VC20, VC26, VC27, VC28, VC29, VC30, VC31
VC36, VC37, VC41, VC42, VC44, VC45, VC48, VC49, VC50, VC52
VC39, VC57, VC58, VC59, VC61, VC64, VC65
VC68, VC72, VC79, VC80
VC85, VC87, VC88, VC89, VC90, VC92, VC93, VC96, VC97, VC104, VC105
VC108, VC109, VC111

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