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infoAira praecoxGB, VC18 South Essex, Epping Forest8/6/1877DBC
infoAira praecoxIE, VCH31 Co. Louth, Clogher HeadRobert Lloyd PraegerRobert Lloyd Praeger3/7/1902DBC
infoAjuga alpinaDBC
infoAjuga microphyllaDBC
infoAjuga pyramidalisDBC
infoAjuga reptansDBC
infoAjuga reptansGB, VC17 Surrey, Box HillRobert KidstonRobert Kidston21/5/1884DBC
infoAjuga reptansGB, VC21 Middlesex, Highgate1/6/1875DBC
infoAjuga reptansGB, VC87 West Perthshire, DunblaneA H FoordA H Foord7/1885DBC
infoAjuga reptansIE, VCH21 Co. Dublin, TerenureRobert Lloyd PraegerRobert Lloyd Praeger6/1902DBC
infoAjuga reptansIE, Ambiguous locality (IE), Ballinakill5/1881DBC
infoAlchemilla alpinaDBC
infoAlchemilla alpinaDBC
infoAlchemilla alpinaGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, Killiecrankie8/1873DBC
infoAlchemilla alpinaGB, VC100 Clyde Islands, Goatfell6/8/1882DBC
infoAlchemilla alpinaIE, VCH20 Co. Wicklow, Lough OulerRobert Lloyd PraegerRobert Lloyd Praeger1/7/1894DBC
infoAlchemilla pratensisIE, VCH31 Co. Louth, RavensdaleRobert Lloyd PraegerRobert Lloyd Praeger16/7/1900DBC
infoAlchemilla vulgarisDBC
infoAlchemilla vulgarisGB, VC49 Caernarvonshire, Twll Du14/7/1897DBC
infoAlchemilla vulgarisGB, Mid-East Perthshire, Birnam18/8/1875DBC
infoAlchemilla vulgarisIE, VCH20 Co. Wicklow, Ballyman GlenJames Ponsonby BrunkerAlbert Agricultural College, Glasnevin14/5/1930DBC
infoAlchemilla vulgarisIE, Ambiguous locality (IE), Ballinamona4/1881DBC
infoAlisma plantago-aquaticaGB, VC96 East Inverness-shire, Nairn4/8/1875DBC
infoAlisma plantago-aquaticaIE, VCH21 Co. Dublin, RathgarRobert Lloyd PraegerRobert Lloyd Praeger27/7/1902DBC
infoAllium schoenoprasumDBC
infoAllium schoenoprasumGB, VC2 East Cornwall, Tintagel7/7/1902DBC
infoAllium ursinumGB, VC16 West Kent, Chislehurst21/5/1877DBC
infoAllium ursinumIE, VCH20 Co. Wicklow, Glen of the DownsRobert Lloyd PraegerRobert Lloyd Praeger17/5/1902DBC
infoAllium vinealeDBC
infoAllium vinealeGB, VC113 Channel Islands, Jersey, Quennevais14/7/1903DBC
infoAlnus viridisDBC
infoAlopecurus bulbosusFR, DunkerqueMaurice Bouly de Lesdain10/6/1929DBC
infoAlopecurus geniculatusFR, DunkerqueMaurice Bouly de Lesdain3/6/1928DBC
infoAlopecurus geniculatusGB, VC21 Middlesex, Finsbury Park6/1874DBC
infoAlopecurus geniculatusGB, VC21 Middlesex, Finsbury Park22/6/1877DBC
infoAlopecurus geniculatusIE, VCH21 Co. Dublin, BrittasGeorge H McLean26/8/1941DBC
infoAlopecurus geniculatusIE, VCH21 Co. Dublin, BrittasGeorge H McLeanGeorge H McLean7/7/1942DBC
infoAlopecurus geniculatusIE, VCH38 Co. Down, HolywoodRobert Lloyd PraegerRobert Lloyd Praeger8/7/1902DBC
infoAlopecurus myosuroidesGB, VC21 Middlesex, Finsbury Park22/6/1877DBC
infoAlopecurus myosuroidesGB, VC21 Middlesex, Hampstead Heath10/6/1875DBC

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