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Welcome to the herbaria@home project wiki pages.

This section of the website is intended to provide background information about the work the herb@home project is doing and to record diverse supplementary information to assist with documenting and interpreting herbarium records. part from the biographies and information here, you may find some useful material at [1] meiosis.org.uk

  • What's a wiki?

Wikis are a collaborate documents that are open to everyone to create, modify and discuss. I hope that this will build into a diverse collections of supporting information, which will complement the limited and constrained pages on the main website.

  • What can I post?
    • Collector biographies
    • Glossary terms
    • Links to interesting websites
    • Geographical or gazetteer information
    • Any other herbarium related discussion
    • User help pages
    • Updates to the FAQ (frequently asked questions)
    • Suggestions for improvements to the website
    • Proposals for documentation work that you like to pursue

The main constraint is not to duplicate information that's available elsewhere on the web. If you find a high quality resource then link out to it, rather than creating your own article here. Above all please don't copy anything verbatim from elsewhere on web. Anything posted here should be your own work. In some cases it may be desirable to post out-of-copyright print works, e.g. collector obituaries etc. If you want to post ex-copyright documents then please check with the project admins before doing so (and before undertaking scanning or transcription of anything), in general everything is copyright until at least 50 years after publication.

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