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Rev. William Allport Leighton (7/7/1805-25/2/1889)



Leighton was born in Shrewsbury and attended (at the same time as Charles Darwin) a school in the town, and subsequently, Wolverhampton Grammar School. At an early age he inherited a hotel in Shrewsbury and was therefore independently wealthy. After studying for his BA at Cambridge in 1833 he spent the next decade producing A Flora of Shropshire, which he accomplished (in 1841) with the help of numerous correspondents and frequent visits from his friend Charles Babington. It was widely considered at the time to be a first rate Flora and is still highly respected to this day. Numerous specimens collected by Leighton are in herbaria around Britain, mostly from Shropshire and North Wales. His main collection is at Shrewsbury Museum. After completing his Flora, Leighton did very little botany, but studied lichens and antiquities, founding and supporting the Shropshire Archaeological Society.

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