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Herbarium sheet records created by dandelion.

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+Callitriche truncataGB, VC16 West Kent, WesterhamJames GrovesWilliam Hadden BeebySLBI14/8/2012
+Astrantia majorGB, VC21 Middlesex, BloomsburyC E RobinsonSLBI17/8/2012
+Conium maculatumGB, VC17 Surrey, KewFrederick Townsend7/1830SLBI17/8/2012
+Sanicula europaeaGB, VC11 South Hampshire, ComptonCroydon Natural History and Scientific Society
J Breach
Robert Russell Hutchinson
+Smyrnium olusatrumGB, VC14 East Sussex, LewesJoseph WoodsFrederick Townsend29/7/1845SLBI17/8/2012
+Smyrnium olusatrumGB, VC19 North Essex, Hatfield PeverelHarold Goodman Dixon
Hugh Neville Dixon
Hugh Neville Dixon
Leslie Beeching Hall
+Conium maculatumGB, VC17 Surrey, CoulsdonErnest StrakerCroydon Natural History and Scientific Society13/7/1881SLBI17/8/2012
+Apium nodiflorumGB, VC17 Surrey, SunningdaleWilliam Hadden BeebyWilliam Hadden Beeby3/8/1884SLBI23/8/2012
+Sanicula europaeaC E Robinson2/6/1888SLBI17/8/2012
+Petroselinum segetumGB, VC33 East Gloucestershire, TredingtonC E RobinsonC E Robinson1/9/1889SLBI3/9/2012
+Sanicula europaeaGB, VC108 West Sutherland, KyleskuEdward Shearburn Marshall15/7/1890SLBI17/8/2012
+Apium nodiflorumGB, VC17 Surrey, AddlestoneJ H T1/6/1893SLBI23/8/2012
+Apium nodiflorumGB, VC100 Clyde Islands, Kings CaveAlexander SomervilleAlexander Somerville3/7/1894
+Sanicula europaeaGB, VC2 East Cornwall, West LooeAllan Octavian HumeAllan Octavian Hume2/6/1900SLBI17/8/2012
+Sanicula europaeaGB, VC1 West Cornwall, GwennapFrederick Hamilton DaveyAllan Octavian Hume7/6/1900SLBI17/8/2012
+Petroselinum crispumGB, VC2 East Cornwall, PolperroAllan Octavian HumeAllan Octavian Hume23/7/1900SLBI4/9/2012
+Bryonia dioicaGB, VC16 West Kent, Saint Mary CrayWilliam Henry GriffinAllan Octavian Hume9/7/1902SLBI14/8/2012
+Physospermum cornubienseGB, VC2 East Cornwall, Stoke ClimslandWilliam WiseAllan Octavian Hume13/7/1904SLBI17/8/2012
+Astrantia majorGB, VC40 Shropshire, Craven ArmsAllan Octavian HumeAllan Octavian Hume21/8/1905SLBI17/8/2012
+Bupleurum tenuissimumGB, VC14 East Sussex, Norman's BayCharles BaileyWatson Botanical Exchange Club
William Robert Sherrin
+Petroselinum segetumGB, VC18 South Essex, GraysPhilip Henry CookeNorth London Natural History Society Local Herbarium8/7/1912SLBI3/9/2012
+Viola lacteaGB, VC5 South Somerset, Crowcombe CultivatedEdward Shearburn MarshallWatson Botanical Exchange Club18/5/1914K14/8/2012
+Bupleurum tenuissimumGB, VC10 Isle of Wight, NewtownWilliam Charles BartonBotanical Exchange Club of The British Isles
Charles Baylis Green
William Charles Barton
+Viola lacteaGB, VC2 East Cornwall, LiskeardEliza Standerwick GregoryEdgar Thurston21/5/1920K14/8/2012
+Sanicula europaeaGB, VC10 Isle of Wight, BembridgeMarjorie Woolley BostockMarjorie Woolley Bostock7/6/1923SLBI17/8/2012
+Apium graveolensGB, VC6 North Somerset, BurnhamJob Edward LousleyJob Edward Lousley5/8/1923SLBI27/8/2012
+Apium graveolensGB, VC14 East Sussex, SeafordJob Edward LousleyJob Edward Lousley20/8/1923SLBI27/8/2012
+Trinia glaucaGB, VC3 South Devon, Berry HeadWilliam Keble MartinIsaac A Helsby9/6/1924SLBI25/8/2012
+Viola lacteaGB, VC11 South Hampshire, New ForestRoger William Butcher1/6/1925K14/8/2012
+Apium nodiflorumGB, VC16 West Kent, Keston LakesJob Edward LousleyJob Edward Lousley29/8/1925SLBI25/8/2012
+Trinia glaucaGB, VC6 North Somerset, Purn HillPatrick Martin HallPatrick Martin Hall
Richard Barker Ullman
+Apium nodiflorumGB, VC19 North Essex, BroxbourneJ H AlbrechtJ H Albrecht5/7/1930SLBI25/8/2012
+Apium graveolensGB, VC15 East Kent, Romney MarshEdward Charles WallaceEdward Charles Wallace10/7/1930SLBI27/8/2012
+Sison amomumGB, VC17 Surrey, Epsom DownsS A ChambersS A Chambers1/9/1932SLBI4/9/2012
+Viola lacteaGB, VC14 East Sussex, Chailey CommonDennys Basil Fanshawe22/5/1937K14/8/2012
+Viola lacteaGB, VC14 East Sussex, Lane End CommonDennys Basil Fanshawe22/5/1937K14/8/2012
+Bupleurum tenuissimumGB, VC5,VC6, River ParrettFrederick Kirkwood Makins13/8/1937K22/8/2012
+Smyrnium olusatrumGB, VC16 West Kent, Stone MarshesPhilip Henry CookeLondon Natural History Society11/6/1938SLBI17/8/2012
+Smyrnium olusatrumGB, VC14 East Sussex, PevenseyI Gaster14/5/1940SLBI17/8/2012
+Bryonia dioicaGB, VC17 Surrey, AshteadPhilip Henry CookeLondon Natural History Society26/6/1940SLBI17/8/2012
+Petroselinum segetumGB, VC9 Dorset, Sutton PoyntzI M Gaster27/7/1944SLBI3/9/2012
+Bupleurum tenuissimumGB, VC15 East Kent, AllhallowsPeter Charles HollandPeter Charles Holland11/9/1960SLBI23/8/2012
+Viola lacteaIE, VCH6 Co. Waterford, Ballynaclogh Cross RoadsM Scannell24/5/1975K14/8/2012

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