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London Natural History Society



1858 Foundation of the Haggerstone Entomological Society.
1887 Renamed the City of London Entomological and Natural History Society.

1886 Foundation of the Clapton Naturalists' Field Club by boys of the Grocers' Company School in Hackney.
1892 Renamed the North London Natural History Society.

1913 Merging of the two societies to become the London Natural History Society.


In the LNHS journal 'The London Naturalist' during 1965 Job Edward Lousley was bemoaning the inability of some members to record localities to better than 10km OS squares (he later published his own tetrad system in 1976 in 'Flora of Surrey' but it was not generally adopted). In 1973 (London Naturalist 52, 29-30) Margaret Elizabeth Kennedy and Peter Charles Holland were reporting first results from the 'Plant Mapping Scheme' based on a system numbering tetrds by eastings and northings using values '0, 2, 4, 6, 8' within 10km squares. This had been published by LNHS in 1965 as 'Mapping the Plants and Animals of the London Area', and there is a more recent MAP illustrating the system and its coverage, a circular area radius 32km centred on St Paul's, which extends into the Home Counties.

The figure below illustrates the LNHS system numbering in RED (preceded by 'T', as used by Kennedy and Holland), superimposed on the DINTY grid, also showing Lousley's A1-E5 numbering in BLACK.


The Present

The London Natural History Society is still active. Details are available from its WEB PAGE.

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