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Frederick Janson Hanbury

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Mr Frederick Janson Hanbury (27/5/1851-1/3/1938)



Frederick Janson Hanbury was a fifth-cousin of Francis Alfred Hanbury (highlighted in the diagram below). He was also related to another collector represented in the database, Daniel Hanbury (similarly highlighted), who, together with his brother Thomas Hanbury established the Giardini Botanici Hanbury at La Mortola, Italy. It was Thomas who donated the estate at Wisley in Surrey to the RHS.

Frederick had a garden on his estate at Brockhurst House, East Grinstead, in which he grew his famous collection of orchid hybrids.
He collected plants in conjunction with Rachel Ford Thompson.
He worked as a Chairman of Allen & Hanbury, Pharmaceutical manufacturers.

1851 Born 27 May in Stoke Newington, London.
1873 FLS
1874 Married Mary Jane Scarborough King. They had three children.
1889-1898 An Illustrated Monograph of the British Hieracia
1899 Flora of Kent (with Edward Shearburn Marshal).
1924 Victoria Medal of Honour.
1938 Died on 1st March in Uckfield, Sussex.


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