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Norman Douglas Simpson (1890-1974)



Born 23 September 1890, Carlton Miniott, near Thirsk, Yorkshire.

1903 Encouraged by his father who had an interest in botany to make his Herbarium of British plants, aged 12.

Attended Aysgarth School, Yorkshire, and became friends with the Foggitt family, also keen botanists. William Foggitt (c.1835-1917) with others founded the Botanical Exchange Club, later the BSBI, of which Simpson became a life-long member.

1904 attended Clifton College, Bristol.
1908 Trinity College, Cambridge reading Botany & Zoology graduating BA with a third in Natural Sciences Tripos in 1911. By then had a Herbarium of >1400 species and varieties.
1911-1912 paid 30/- (£1.50) a week for six months by Kew to identify and list his plants of Morgan Philips Price's Chinese expedition, assisted by Otto Stapf (c.1857-1933) who submitted his report to the Linnean Society, published October 1913.
1912 Fellow of the Royal Microscopical Society.
1914 Returned to college and gained Cambridge Diploma in Agricultural Studies.
WWI 1915 Red Cross motorcyclist in Belgium.
November 1915 enlisted in Army Transport Corps, rose through the ranks to Captain. Served until discharged in 1920.
1920 moved to his father's house 'Maesbury' Cavendish Rd. Bournemouth, where he returned when in the country for the rest of his life.
1921-1930 Cotton Research Board at El Giza, Egypt/Irrigation Services Egypt & Sudan.
1930-1932 Systematic Botanist in Agricultural Department at the Peradeniya Botanic Garden, Ceylon.
1960 published at his own expense (£2000) 'A Bibliographical Index of the British Flora'.
Died 29 August 1974.

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