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joined: 19/10/2011
sheets: 48 documented 4 partially completed

Herbarium sheet records created by greenman.

+Linum bienneGB, VC2 East Cornwall, West Looe, HannaforeAllan Octavian HumeAllan Octavian Hume24/5/1900SLBI19/10/2011
+Geranium phaeumGB, VC17 Surrey, Friday StreetA B HornblowerLondon Natural History Society9/7/1909SLBI19/10/2011
+Geranium pratenseGB, VC38 Warwickshire, BubbenhallJohn W GrimesNational Museum of Wales7/1934SLBI19/10/2011
+Geranium pusillumGB, VC25 East Suffolk, GrundisburghWilliam Robert SherrinWilliam Robert Sherrin5/1906SLBI19/10/2011
+Linum bienneGB, VC18 South Essex, Leigh on SeaWilliam Robert SherrinWilliam Robert Sherrin8/1910SLBI19/10/2011
+Geranium pratenseGB, VC1 West Cornwall, PonsanoothAllan Octavian Hume12/7/1900SLBI19/10/2011
+Geranium pyrenaicumGB, VC21 Middlesex, HarefieldCharles Baylis GreenCharles Baylis Green6/1906SLBI19/10/2011
+Geranium dissectumGB, VC17 Surrey, PeaslakeWilliam Hadden BeebyWilliam Hadden Beeby23/6/1885SLBI19/10/2011
+Geranium robertianumGB, VC20,VC30, DunstableS A ChambersS A Chambers13/5/1894SLBI19/10/2011
+Geranium robertianumGB, VC10 Isle of Wight, BonchurchPeter Charles HollandPeter Charles Holland12/7/1962SLBI19/10/2011
+Geranium lucidumGB, VC11 South Hampshire, AmpfieldRichard Barker UllmanRichard Barker Ullman14/5/1912SLBI20/10/2011
+Malva pusillaGB, VC17 Surrey, WimbledonCharles AveryCharles Avery28/6/1957SLBI20/10/2011
+Geranium pyrenaicumGB, VC17 Surrey, NorwoodWilliam Henry GriffinAllan Octavian Hume27/5/1909SLBI20/10/2011
+Geranium molleGB, VC17 Surrey, HackbridgeS A ChambersS A Chambers8/9/1932SLBI20/10/2011
+Linum bienneGB, VC10 Isle of Wight, BembridgeMarjorie Woolley BostockMarjorie Woolley Bostock7/1922SLBI20/10/2011
+Geranium sanguineumGB, VC83 Midlothian, Arthurs SeatFrederick Townsend7/1856SLBI20/10/2011
+Geranium versicolorGB, VC16 West Kent, MatfieldWilliam Harold PearsallJob Edward Lousley3/9/1932SLBI20/10/2011
+Geranium robertianum var. maritimumIE, VCH9 Co. Clare, PoulsallaghPatrick Martin HallJob Edward Lousley
Patrick Martin Hall
+Impatiens bifloraGB, VC21 Middlesex, UxbridgeLeslie Beeching HallLeslie Beeching Hall18/9/1919SLBI27/10/2011
+Impatiens parvifloraGB, VC2 East Cornwall, West LooeAllan Octavian HumeAllan Octavian Hume10/7/1900SLBI27/10/2011
+Oxalis corniculataGB, VC3 South Devon, Budleigh SaltertonIsaac A HelsbyIsaac A Helsby5/9/1925SLBI27/10/2011
+Acer campestreGB, VC17 Surrey, WarlinghamCharles Edward BrittonCharles Edward Britton6/6/1920SLBI27/10/2011
+Ailanthus altissimaGB, VC17 Surrey, Wimbledon CommonCharles AveryCharles Avery22/8/1957SLBI27/10/2011
+Lupinus nootkatensisGB, VC92 South Aberdeenshire, BallaterStafford Edwin ChandlerStafford Edwin Chandler18/7/1939SLBI27/10/2011
+Erodium cicutarium var. chaerophyllumGB, VC23 Oxfordshire, HeadingtonErnest Nelmes
Francis Ballard
+Erodium moschatumGB, VC1 West Cornwall, LizardStafford Edwin ChandlerStafford Edwin Chandler9/1904SLBI27/10/2011
+Impatiens bifloraGB, VC17 Surrey, MortlakeEdward Benedict BangerterLondon Natural History Society20/9/1947SLBI27/10/2011
+Trifolium stellatumGB, VC13 West Sussex, ShorehamThomas HiltonAllan Octavian Hume22/5/1904SLBI8/11/2011
+Trifolium mediumGB, VC69 Westmorland, BrathayIssac Garside5/8/1945SLBI8/11/2011
+Trifolium incarnatumGB, VC2 East Cornwall, Looe BayAllan Octavian HumeAllan Octavian Hume26/5/1900SLBI8/11/2011
+Trifolium mediumGB, VC15 East Kent, Sutton ValenceW Watson28/7/1938SLBI8/11/2011
+Melilotus indicusGB, VC60 West Lancashire, FleetwoodJames Alfred WheldonBotanical Exchange Club of The British Isles
Frederick Townsend
+Trifolium subterraneumGB, VC14 East Sussex, RyeRobert Russell HutchinsonCroydon Natural History and Scientific Society10/7/1897SLBI8/11/2011
+Trifolium stellatumGB, VC13 West Sussex, HenfieldE PayneIsaac A Helsby10/6/1935SLBI8/11/2011
+Hydrocharis morsus-ranaeGB, VC29 Cambridgeshire, Baits BiteHarold Goodman Dixon
Hugh Neville Dixon
Hugh Neville Dixon
Leslie Beeching Hall
+Vicia sativaGB, VC14 East Sussex, UckfieldWilliam Hadden Beeby17/6/1871SLBI5/12/2011
+Stratiotes aloidesGB, VC27,VC28, Ade Bridge8/1935SLBI5/12/2011
+Listera ovataGB, VC30 Bedfordshire, StreatleyS A ChambersS A Chambers11/6/1892SLBI5/12/2011
+Elodea canadensisGB, VC21 Middlesex, Walton BridgeEdward Charles WallaceEdward Charles Wallace28/7/1928SLBI5/12/2011
+Vicia sepiumGB, VC21 Middlesex, HarefieldCharles Baylis GreenCharles Baylis Green23/5/1904SLBI5/12/2011
+Vicia sativaGB, VC17 Surrey, WitleyEdward Shearburn MarshallCroydon Natural History and Scientific Society21/5/1888SLBI5/12/2011
+Hydrocharis morsus-ranaeGB, VC21,VC24, ColnbrookCharles Baylis GreenCharles Baylis Green22/7/1905SLBI5/12/2011
+Securigera variaGB, VC21 Middlesex, HendonDouglas Henry Kent
Job Edward Lousley
+Stratiotes aloidesGB, VC59,VC60, PrestonEdward Francis LintonWilliam Hadden Beeby8/1875SLBI5/12/2011
+Lotus subbiflorusGB, VC1 West Cornwall, LizardStafford Edwin ChandlerCroydon Natural History and Scientific Society
Stafford Edwin Chandler
+Vicia sativaGB, VC17 Surrey, GodalmingEdward Shearburn MarshallCroydon Natural History and Scientific Society4/6/1888SLBI5/12/2011
+Cephalanthera longifoliaGB, VC11 South Hampshire, East MeonPatrick Martin HallPatrick Martin Hall8/6/1930SLBI5/12/2011
+Anthyllis vulneraria var. coccineaGB, VC14 East Sussex, Ditchling BeaconEdward Charles WallaceEdward Charles Wallace
Job Edward Lousley

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