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Rev. Augustin Ley (3/4/1842-23/4/1911)



Born in Hereford 3 April 1842, the son of the Rev. William Ley, who about that time became vicar of Sellack, near Ross, combined with the parish of Kings Capel.
He was educated at home and then at Oxford 1862-1865.
1867-1871 curate at Buxton Derbyshire.
Returned to Sellack, Herefordshire, to assist his father at Kings Capel (2km to the north, on the other side of the River Wye).
1878 married and became vicar of St Weonards (about 8km ESE of Sellack).
The marriage lasted only two and a half months as his wife died 16 April 1878.
1885 returned to Sellack to assist his ailing father.
1887 on the death of his father became vicar of Sellack.
1908 retired.

He collected extensively in Herefordshire and along the Welsh Borders for many years, publishing a Flora of Herefordshire in 1889 in conjunction with William Henry Purchas. He was very knowledgeable on Bryophytes.

He was a member of Woolhope Naturalists' Field Club.
He traveled widely:
1863 Norway,
1873 the Alps,
1874 Cairngorms,
1876 Angus.

Sorbus minima was first discovered in 1893 by Ley. See the Wikipedia entry.
Mark Lawley has written a BIOGRAPHY.

A sample of his handwriting:

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