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Mr Allan Octavian Hume (6/6/1829-31/7/1912)




An Indian Civil Servant, he is variously called "Father of the Indian National Congress" or "Father of Indian Ornithology". He collaborator with F H Davey on the 'Flora of Cornwall' (1909), and established (1910) and endowed the South London Botanical Institute Norwood Road, Tulse Hill (SLBI web page).

William Henry Griffin was employed as his assistant in the herbarium which he established and later became Curator at the SLBI. Hume received the collections of Frederick Townsend and William Hadden Beeby after their deaths, and thus could included these in the SLBI herbarium. In Wedderburn's biography (see below; page 113 and following]) Griffin contributed a description of his work with Hume and of the beginnings of the SLBI.

For a detailed obituary/biography - see Journal of Botany, A.B. Rendle (1912) 50,347-348.

William Wedderburn wrote (1913) a biography "Allan Octavian Hume, C.B.; father of the Indian National Congress, 1829 to 1912".

See Wikipedia entry for Alan Octavian Hume.

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