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Mr Frederick Townsend F.L.S (5/12/1822-16/12/1905)




Born 5 December 1822 Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, son of Rev. Edward James Townsend, rector of Rawmarsh, later of Ilmington, near Honington, and grandson of Mr Gore Townsend of Honington, Warwickshire.
Educated Harrow, and Trinity College, Cambridge, BA 1850, MA 1855.
He became acquainted with Charles Cardale Babington, and William Williamson Newbould, their first botanical ramble together being recorded in the journal of the former as on 28th May, 1847, when they went by train to Whittlesford. Remained a close friend of Newbould until the latter's death in 1886.
1863 Married Mary Elizabeth Butler.
1865 Living at Shedfield Lodge, Wickham, Hampshire.
1865 - 1874 Worked on Flora of Hampshire, while living in the county, published 1883.
1874 On death of uncle, Rev. H. Townsend, succeeded to family estate at Honington Hall, Warwickshire.
1886 - 1892 MP for Stratford-on-Avon, and frequented the National Herbarium at the British Museum during visits to London.
Died 16 December 1905, Cimiez, Nice. Herbarium and botanical books left to Allan Octavian Hume.

1846 Fellow of the Botanical Society of Edinburgh.
1878 FLS.

Obituary in the Journal of Botany, 44, (1906) pp. 113 - 115.

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